Admission to Lane Head Nursery School

Please see our 'Meet the Staff' for an insight to Nursery life!

Starting School 

Please see the attached information for supporting your child with starting school. 

Bed Wetting Workshop

 Toilet Training Workshop

Understanding your Child's Behaviour Workshop

Understanding your Child's Emotions Workshop

For 2020 admissions:

We have now received updated government guidance for the autumn term.  To allay any fears anyone may have, we will now be able to let one adult accompany each child into school during their first week in week. 

Please feel free to email us using the address below, to ask any questions you may have, about your child starting school.


We offer every child the free 15 hour entitlement and also have a limited number of 30 hour spaces each year. You will need to check whether your child is eligible for the additional hours by visiting


If you have not already done so please send the eligibility code to 

along with the other required information shown on the declaration sent to you, and we can help you from there.

30 Hour Declaration

Please click on the link below to find out more information about your child starting school at Lane Head Nursery School.

Information for Parents

Admission Form (completed copy to be returned to school as soon as possible)

Early Years Pupil Premium Form


Uniform availability UPDATE FROM CLIVE MARK 12th May 2020


And, finally ...when your child starts school, here is a reminder of the information you will need to bring into school on your child's first day - if you have not already done so.



If you have not already sent in your child's admission form, 30 hour eligibility declaration and Early Years Pupil Premium form, we will ask you to complete these on your child's first visit to nursery Please bring these completed forms back to school on the next day if possible and hand them to a member of staff.