Admission to Lane Head Nursery School

We send out letters for our September admissions in the Spring Term of every year.  If your child is not yet down on an admission list for a place at a Nursery School, now is the time to pop in to school or call to give us your child's details.  We will ask for proof of identity or age when you and your child visit Lane Head Nursery School.  


When can they start?
We are happy to take applications for your child from birth until they are 3 years old. We offer 15 hours free entitlement.

Their name will stay on our admissions list and we will contact you at least a term before they are due to start.  Just pop into school or call to give us your child's details.  We can then let you know which term your child should start Nursery. 


We have a limited number of 30 hour spaces each year. You will need to check whether your child is eligible by visiting


If eligible, just bring the eligibility code into school and we can help you from there.


Click on the link below to find out all the information you will need about your child starting school at Lane Head Nursery School.


Information for Parents

Welcome Meeting information 2019

What will my child need at Nursery? 


And, finally ...when your child starts school, here is a useful checklist of all the information you will need to bring into school on your child's first day.





 ‘TELL ME ABOUT YOUR CHILD’ information page