Our Vision and Values


Our Vision

“To uphold and promote our Christian values by creating a welcoming, vibrant, happy school where the well being of our children and families are placed at the heart of everything we do.


Through fun, creative teaching, we aim to actively engage, inspire and enable our children to flourish and succeed, having discovered a real love for one another, for life and for learning.”


Our Ethos and approach


 “Every day, in every way, everyone matters.”

At Short Heath Federation, we use a proactive, positive and problem solving approach in order to support children with their learning. Our Federation motto is demonstrated in practice as we show each and every child that their individual thoughts, feelings and actions really do matter every single day. 

We all have a shared responsibility to provide the very best learning environment for our children in order for them to flourish and grow into kind, responsible and caring individuals and we believe that everyone has a part to play in achieving this vision.  

“School culture is not a function of the resources in the building; it is a function of the attitudes in the building” (Danny Steele). 


Our School Rules:


We are safe

We are kind

We are ready to learn


Our rules are simple and are shared with all stakeholders. 

They are a constant conversation in our school and encompass Maslow’s hierarchy of needs – the 5 stages of human need that motivate our behaviour.

We recognise that children need to have their physiological needs met first. They then need to feel safe physically, socially and emotionally before they can begin to foster kind, compassionate relationships with other children and adults.  We place the importance of positive, affirming and trusting relationships at the centre of our school ethos.  We recognise that relationships have a great impact upon social, emotional and mental health and we accept that children need to feel safe, secure, well connected and valued in order to build up the self-esteem and confidence that they need in order to learn.