Early Reading Strategy


We teach our children to decode using Twinkl Phonics, which is a DfE Validated Systematic Synthetic Phonics (SSP) scheme. The impact of our teaching of using this scheme to teach phonics will ensure children: 

  • are enthusiastic and motivated readers who are confident and will enjoy reading a wide variety of genres and text types 
  • have the skills to decode words in order to be able to read fluently with a secure understanding of what they have read 
  • be inspired by literature and will read for pleasure. 

Click here to download the Nursery Whole School Overview for the teaching of Twinkl Phonics.

Click here to download the Whole School Twinkl Phonics Overview. 

Here are our SUMMER TREASURED TEXTS ready for you to explore.

Click on the titles to reveal audio and visual links to the stories...

(PLEASE NOTE that if you are opening up this page on a PC, the texts may appear in the wrong order. This page has been set up for parents to access via a mobile device)

Meet Triangle and all the other shapes in this hilarious picture book about friendships, fun, and finding your place.

No matter how hard she tries, Triangle doesn't roll like the circles, or stack like the squares . . . so she sets off to find friends that look exactly like her. But when she finds the other triangles, playtime isn't as fun. She misses the shapes that roll and stack; she misses having friends of all shapes and sizes!

Here are our...

SPRING Treasured Texts

ready for you to explore. Click on the titles to reveal audio and visual links to the stories...

Michael Rosen's repetitive text has a musical charm that lends itself perfectly to reading aloud, whether to a group or to an individual - and children will enjoy joining in with actions and words. Combined with Helen Oxenbury's beautiful illustrations, it makes for a wonderfully entertaining picture book that has become a firm favourite for families. (booktrust.org.uk)

Join in the fun and fly to the moon and back with Baby Bear in this special fortieth anniversary edition of Whatever Next!  (Waterstones)

Claire has hurt her knee so she sets off home to tell her mom all about it. On the way she meets her friends and tells them each a different story on how she got her scrape. Was she dropped by a wolf, a slithering snake, an enormous dragon, or a hairy gorilla? Just how did that scrape happen? Playful and creative, this is a fantastic journey of the imagination that every child can relate to. (goodreads.com)

The Story of the Chinese Zodiac. As the new year approaches, each animal wants it to be named after them, but no one can agree. The Jade Emperor decides there should be a race to decide the winner, but who will win? (Amazon.co.uk)

Lift the flaps to reveal gifts being opened, a dragon dance being performed, a lantern taking to the skies and firecrackers and fireworks exploding in the night sky.
The First Festivals series invites children to explore the world's culture from the comfort of their home, encourages the development of hand-eye coordination and is recommended for children aged 2 and over. (Amazon.co.uk)

With beautiful and fitting illustrations of Norman standing out in the crowd with his multicoloured wings and his yellow coat against a dull grey backdrop, this is a sweet and truly uplifting story that celebrates diversity in a subtle but unique way, and inspires children to dare to be different and have the courage to stand out.


Here are our...

Autumn Treasured Texts

ready for you to explore. Click on the titles to reveal audio and visual links to the stories...

This is a joyous book that celebrates what makes us unique: our likes and dislikes.

Written in a lively rhyme, the text is inspired by lots of children and their parents or carers. Throughout the book, you can see all the different things children enjoy - or don't!


Elmer the colourful patchwork elephant has been a nursery favourite since this first book was published in 1989. The subtle message is that it is OK to be different, and combined with the vibrant colour and cheeky humour of the main character, it’s an essential bedtime story.


As this adorable monster learns to sort and define his mixed up emotions, he gains self-awareness and peace as a result. Everyone will enjoy sharing this concept book that taps into both socio-emotional growth and color concepts in a simple, friendly way.


The map element is great for teaching children a sense of scale but even more brilliant is how the map theme is tied in with Martha’s dreams for her future. No matter how small Martha may be and no matter how little room she takes up in the universe or Earth or city, she has the potential to go to big places and to achieve very big things!


This glimmering, gorgeous book is a gentle story that showcases the amazing celebrations of light across different communities. It is truly a diverse and inclusive book.


A great inclusive book in celebration of different houses and families. It tells the story of a family and what they get up to in their day to day life, in each different room.


The ten twinkly lights in this beautifully illustrated book bring the story of the nativity to life for little children. From a shining angel to the sparkling star the wise men follow, the lights create a unique and enchanting retelling of the story of the very first Christmas.


‘Twas the Night Before Christmas, when all through the house, not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse…' The traditional and much-loved Christmas poem by Clement Clarke Moore, beautifully illustrated and published as a charming picture book for children to enjoy year after year. A magical rhyming story ...