We will be asking families to “Spread the Happiness” and send in photographs, be creative or just bring something in to share with Nursery.

Your child will receive a ‘Spread the Happiness’ invitation every fortnight outlining the activity to share with their family.

The activities for this half term will be…

Week ending 13th Sept: 

-Take a ‘family selfie’ and send it in to school for your child to share with their new friends at Nursery. These will become part of our “This is Me” displays that you will see around school.

Week ending 27th Sept:

-Tell me about you and your favourite things… why not bring them in to show your friends?

Week ending 11th Oct:

-Autumn Treasures: Find something you think is special in your garden or on your way to Nursery and share this natural treasure with your friends. It could be a shiny conker, a colourful leaf, a fabulous twig, a perfect pine cone, or an amazing acorn!

Week ending 25th Oct:

-Create a shoe box filled with things that make you happy. We will display them in Nursery (We will provide the shoe box nearer the time)


We hope you will have fun completing these activities. Please ask your child’s Group Leader for support if you need it! 

Weekend Pup

Each family group have a different puppy which goes home with a child on a weekly basis. The puppy can join in with weekend family fun and you and your child can share photographs, drawing and objects of interest with Nursery friends when he returns on Monday. The puppy bags come with a blanket and a puppy toy. You can upload photographs if you wish to:


1000 Stories Project

On the same day each week your child will come home with a special “Book for Bedtime” book to share at bedtimes every night for a week. Inside the book, we have chosen a “WOW” word for you to share with your child. The idea is that with every book, we are developing your child’s breadth of vocabulary. We ask you to use the WOW word in a full sentence with your child and talk about its meaning.

Click here for the Launch Letter 

Beat Baby Maths Activities

On a rota basis, your child will receive a Beat Baby Maths bag. This is a short Maths activity which involves counting bubbles or creating a 3 dimensional model using sticky tape. The bag will contain a Beat Baby cuddly toy, a sheet which will help you to complete the activity and the resources you will need. Have fun and share your child’s creations at Nursery!

Click here for more information about the activities:

Beat Baby Bubbles activity

Beat Baby Tape activity

Upload any photos to...