Celebrating Individuality...

In their first few weeks, your children will be exploring their Nursery environment and making new friendships. We will be introducing the ‘Golden Rules’ to them so they can build upon their social skills whilst meeting a very special Nursery friend called “Funshine Bear”.

Personal, Social and Emotional skills

Our skills focus for this half term will be to encourage your children to make new friends, develop a strong self of “themselves” and build up safe and special relationships with their Group Leaders whilst understanding how to keep safe with our school rules and boundaries.


We will teach your children the Golden Rules, these are:

 We are kind

We are safe

We are ready to learn!

Your children will learn these rules through these five important skills~

Good Listening,

Good Sitting,

Good Looking,

Good Thinking

Good Talking (or communicating)

 Each time they demonstrate that they can do these skills they will be rewarded lots of praise, both individually and as a group celebration, with golden pom-poms for their group jar or with individual Funshine Bear stickers!

These skills will be practiced through playing simple games during our small group times and through their daily routines at Nursery.

Communication & Language

Literacy skills

This half term your children will be discovering Nursery Rhymes through our theme

Along came a…!’

We will be singing, dancing, keeping a steady beat with instruments and making props to accompany some of our favourite treasured Nursery Rhymes. Everyone has a favourite song or rhyme – we will be celebrating their individual favourites.

Through this theme, your children will be learning and developing listening and attention skills. They’ll play games to hear their name or an instruction and respond by catching balls, blowing bubbles, playing instruments and passing objects to their friends. They’ll be developing listening and understanding skills through games like playing hide and seek with their toys and during the everyday routine of ‘tidy up time’.  Your children will be learning new words rapidly, through singing Nursery rhymes and listening to the many stories we have on offer during Story-time. 

Mathematical Development

Your children will be developing their skills in counting objects and amounts. We will be encouraging your children to use mathematical vocabulary for recognising quantities of objects, using the words more and less, whilst noticing when an amount changes. These skills will be taught in our daily “Maths Chat” once the register has be taken, with lots of counting practise, number recognition and finding out how many boy and girls there are in their group that day. Children will also be learning the Days of the Week and using the group calendar to help them to understand the concept of time.

Understanding the World 

Expressive Arts & Design

Through our continuous provision (which is what you can see all around Nursery every day), your children will be learning creative skills such as building and constructing with a variety of materials: block, bricks, Lego, cardboard tubes, pots, sticky tape and glue. They will be encouraged to experiment with the way sounds are created by instruments in the noisy room and outside in the garden area. They will be playing and imitating everyday actions that they learn from home in our ‘home corner’ either dressing up or making tea!

 This half term we will be celebrating the festivals of ‘Harvest’ with our very own Farmer’s Day on Friday 11th October and ‘Diwali’. We will be using school fund money (which is a weekly donation of £1.50) to make these events special for your children.