Meet the Staff

Staff at Lane Head are a friendly, committed and skilled team, providing an outstanding early years learning experience that will remain in the memories of you and your child for years to come...

Who we all are...

Executive Head Teacher of Short Heath Federation/ Safeguarding Lead and SPOC - Mrs Cathy Draper

Head of School and Designated Safeguarding Lead—Lane Head Nursery School - Mrs Deb Walton

Federation Inclusion Manager - Mrs Sally Kruczek

Moonstone Group Leader/ Senior Teacher (curriculum) and Deputy Safeguarding Lead -Lane Head Nursery School - Mrs Sarah Powell

Emerald Group Leader mornings - Mrs Tania Troath

Emerald Group Leader afternoons - Mrs Michelle Purchase 

Sapphire Group Leader - Ms Julie Hopson

Ruby Group Leader - Miss Louise Mallen

Diamond Group Leader and After School Club Leader - Miss Donna Westwood

Rainbow Group Leader -Miss Katie Wright 

Teaching Assistant Intervention - Miss Kate Mullender 

Family Support Advisor and Extended Services Leader  - Mrs Karen Picken

Teaching Assistant/ Breakfast and Lunch Club- Mrs Tracey Shelton

Teaching Assistant and Lunch Club- Mrs Pat Whitehouse

Lunch Club - Mrs Helen Heath

Teaching Assistant Intervention - Mrs Deb Boland

Teaching Assistant Intervention (+Transition) - Mrs Michelle Purchase

Teaching Assistant Intervention - Miss Jade Dean

Federation Business Manager - Mrs Helen Fletcher

 Administration Officer - Mrs Tracey Price

 Federation Sites Manager - Mr Paul Day

 Cleaner - Mrs Mandy Vaughan

Cleaner - Mrs Rachel Taylor

Caretaker - Mr Mike Vaughan