Welcome to the Short Heath Federation

Our mission statement is:

Every day,
In every way,
Everyone matters.

Short Heath Federation was first formed in April 2006 as a ‘hard’ Federation of Lane Head Nursery School, Rosedale Church of England Infant School and Short Heath Junior School. At the time, it was one of few ‘hard’ federations in the country. ‘Hard’ federation means that we have one governing body serving across the three schools. We are an unusual federation in that one of our schools is a church school.

The benefits of federation are many and varied, but for us, the most important is that we are able to make transition from one school to another seamless for your child. Ofsted have recognised this as a strength, not only of our federation, but of others nationally. Parents tell us the same every year too and we continue to try to improve how this works.

We have a very talented and committed team of staff across the Federation. Some of them have responsibility in all of our schools, whilst some work solely in one school. They all, however, work together at times, particularly on professional development.

The day to day running of each school is overseen by a Head of School. My role, as Executive Headteacher, is to direct the strategic development of the Federation, with a primary focus on continually improving the quality of teaching and learning in our schools. We also have Assistant Headteachers at Rosedale and Short Heath who are responsible for Literacy and Numeracy across the curriculum.

The federation has a single governing body of 19, with each governor having a specific area of responsibility. For each school, we have a ‘link’ governor, who visits their school half termly as a ‘critical friend’. They report back after every visit. Our governing body is made up of people with a huge range of experience and expertise and includes representation from Lichfield Diocese, as Rosedale is a church school.

All schools have a ‘Family Support Advisor’, there to work with you, your family and your child whenever any one of you is experiencing any difficulties.

We have a Federation Business Manager who leads a team of school and finance administrators, and a site manager, who is responsible for the maintenance and improvement of our school buildings, leading our team of site staff.

At Short Heath Federation, we actively promote the fundamental British values of democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty and mutual respect and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs.

Everything we do, as a team, is aimed at providing the very best possible educational and life opportunities for your child. We love what we do! We know you will too!

Our Chair of Governors is Mrs Lesley Foster; the other governors are:


Rev. John Deakin

Mrs Helen Denny

Mrs C Draper

Mr Keith Merrall

Mr Brendan Blackmore 

Mrs Harj Kalarai

Ms Claire Kelly

Mr David Grice

 Debbie Snapper





Mr Paul Day*


Mrs Karen Picken 

 Mrs Helen Fletcher


Mrs D Walton, Mrs V Stephen and Ms S Harris, our Heads of School, are Associate Governors. 


Clerk to Governors: Lyndsey Rush


* All these governors have children at one of our schools, but may not necessarily have been elected on as ‘Parent Governors’.